Aida/Web 6.0 with tree-like control flow released

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Aida/Web 6.0 with tree-like control flow released

Janko Mivšek
Dear Smalltalkers,

After a long journey the Aida 6.0 web framework and application server
is released today on Squeak, Pharo and VisualWorks.

To download it visit our website and its download
section. Come also on ESUG Aida tutorial next Thursday to get a feel of
all new features.

Major new features since previous 5.6:

   1.Tree-like control flow (see WebDemoApp control flow examples) as
     the final step to close gap to the support of all kinds of web
     applications from those with an usual graph-like navigation to
     those with a tree-like control flow as found in GUI-like web apps.

   2.Introduction of web execution contexts . These contexts give a
     scope to the "execution" of web request and are the precondition
     for controlling this flow of execution.

   3.Translation support for text on the web apps, to allow the
     multilingual text on the pages, besides multilingual content,

   4.Caching (memcached like) to improve performance of serving the
     content, which otherwise doesn't change frequently.

About tree-like control flow in action with a help of the attached
image: in Aida action method you want to confirm a delete by asking the
user with a popup dialog window. Execution is there interrupted until
the YES or NO button is pressed on dialog. At that time the execution of
action method continue and delete is done if YES button was pressed.

Best regards
Janko Mivšek

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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aida-treelike-control-flow-in-action.png (29K) Download Attachment