Changing the names of all conditional branches

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Changing the names of all conditional branches

Bryce Kampjes

I'm making Exupery 32 bit clean. This should help when running on OSes
that like to place the image across the 2 Gig boundary or above it.

As part of this I'm renaming the conditional jumps from names like
jl, jle, and jg to jumpSignedLessThan, jumpSignedLessEqueals, and
jumpSignedGreaterThan. This is so that it's easy to see what's using
signed or unsigned comparisions. The 32 bit clean bugs are caused by
using signed comparisions when the sign changes or is negative and
we should be using unsigned comparisions.

By renaming the conditional jumps it should be easy to keep such bugs
out as it'll be easy to see what's signed or unsigned. Aso the longer
names seem to make more sense when we're only occasionally dealing
with that intermediate. The original names were taken from the x86
instruction set.

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