Configuration issues in large network environment

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Configuration issues in large network environment

Canberra Institute of Technology, Canberra, Australia.

'Edu-versal Studios' - Virtual Worlds in Education Working Group Project.

We are undertaking a major installation of Croquet on our server farm and
configuring our network for external users to gain access to the Croquet

We have a partnership with Academy of Interactive Entertainment
(( who will be providing valuable support in developing
in-world objects, avatars, etc., as well as helping us develop standards for
virtual worlds in education, principally for Australia, but internationally as

This project will provide the Croquet community with an example of a Croquet
instance that is available for teachers and students to play, learn and
develop.  This instance will be by invitation only, as we have to comply with
'Duty of Care' provisions with our under 18 students (another good reason not
to use Second Life).

'Edu-versal Studios' will resemble an educational 'theme park', an open and
adaptive space where teachers can create learning activities (in conjunction
with a developer) within a simulated work space or utilise existing settings.
It gives teachers who have little or no experience in using virtual worlds to
work with a student developer to create deeply immersive and action-learning
based modules. These will be focused on VET and higher learning courses, but
should inform and direct Primary and Secondary school curriculum as well.

We have had several successful installations using notebooks on the internet,
but now we need to get our instance running on the CIT network, on a Linux
server that gives access to all the project stakeholders.

Our technical support staff would like to contact someone who could give advice
and assistance in configuring the server, network and security.

We realise that most development work has been happening on personal machines
and open networks, but any technical assistance would be greatly appreciated,
and will be reported back to the developer and user community.

So, if you have installed Croquet on a highly restrictive network (whether it
worked or not) we would really like to hear from you.

You can contact me at [hidden email]

Thanks in advance,