[CrónicaTrucha} Y que viste por ahi ?

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[CrónicaTrucha} Y que viste por ahi ?

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De las exploraciones del morplenauta, también denominadas fútiles intentos de esclarecer a los chichipios.

Cápitulo Redes Sociales.

He reemplazado el nombre de la aplicación que estoy testando por SqueakRos

You are responsible for all of your activity in connection with the Service and accessing the Site. You may not use the Site or the Service:

(vi) to operate nuclear facilities, life support, or other mission critical application where human life or property may be at stake. You understand that the Service is not designed for such purposes and that its failure in such cases could lead to death, personal injury, or severe property or environmental damage for which SqueakRos is not responsible;

Me hace acordar a Ripley , a quien no conocieron los chichipios.