[Croquet Cobalt] Conference Call Today - 2008-05-07

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[Croquet Cobalt] Conference Call Today - 2008-05-07

Darius Clarke
Hello all,

Please enter your agenda items here
for Wednesday's conference call.

The call will begin 2008-05-07 at 21:00 UTC:
5:00 PM EST
4:00 PM CST
3:00 PM MST
2:00 PM PST

Darius will lead this call unless Julian or Mark wish to.
Text chat: We can use this jabber group account: [hidden email]  during the conference call and try to summarize the conversation there.
We will use a phone-based call for the conference at 1-888-847-3445
(toll-free) with passcode 1 2 6 6 4 6 # [no spaces].

Agenda Items so far:

   * Review agenda, additions, deletions
   * Completed
         o Julian - "Squeak by Example" text to Twain
         o Twain - Translation has started
         o John
               + Style and Structure
               + NAT Traversal - posted on web page
   * Old Business
         o Julian
               + Highlight Cobalt in the consortium wiki
               + Building sponsor support
         o Mark
               + Auto Error Posting to Web site
               + Debugging Tools
               + IBM connection
               + Internet2 connection
         o John
               + NAT Traversal
         o Peter
               + Character animation
               + Possible Neverwinter Night  learning project
               + Avatar controls
         o Twain Twain - Progress on Two Prong Approach
               + Translations
               + Culture exchange universities
         o Mike
               + Island tracker/registry, "Tracker"
[hidden email]
               + Ask who needs the PDF translation
               + Router Hosting
         o Darius
               + Twine discussion with Twain
               + How Aaron Walsh can help with community support
               + Abstracting menu system to allow for CAD, others -
(How does Sophie use Tweak?)

   * New Business
         o ...

   * Team efforts
         o Report on how working together on chat-while-development
is working
         o Make sure we're not overselling
         o Make sure other organizations know of Cobalt's potential
         o Review Mantis Items before each meeting
         o Ideas for the Hearing Impaired

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