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Croquet and Blender

Carlos Crosetti
I agree.
Stay tuned to Cobalt news.
The Cobalt task force is active and as it is a browser, external content
handling or feeds are likely to be handled beter.


On 6/19/08, waufrepi III <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Dan,
>   don't be discouraged by this oppinion. I've been on Croquet for just over
> six months now. When I first started I had trouble with OpenAL(my own
> stupidity) and, I believe David Frought, responded in a day. When I had
> trouble with the skeletal animation package Peter Moore was back and forth
> with me to help. I had trouble with the sky box, and Julian Lombardi was
> back at me within an afternoon. Americo, English is his second language, has
> been gracious enough to write excellent starter manuals(WIP!) for
> Croquet/Cobalt and Squeak proper. As an international community we should be
> grateful to community members who surpass a language barrier to provide
> documentation in English(could be in Portuguese). And, not for nothing,
> (while I'm not in these guys league) I believe I was back to you in
> say....10-15 minutes. Remember though both they Wizards and Users are
> typically employed full time and are involved in the project because they
> see it as important.
> Nuff said!