Fake Guru Hamid Arabnia and bogus WORLDCOMP and CSCI

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Fake Guru Hamid Arabnia and bogus WORLDCOMP and CSCI

Fake Guru Hamid Arabnia and bogus WORLDCOMP and CSCI

If you have any thought of attending the world’s biggest  
fake or bogus conference in computer science, WORLDCOMP
http://www.world-academy-of-science.org you must visit any
websites below


The organizer of this conference is Hamid Arabnia
http://www.cs.uga.edu/~hra a professor from University
of Georgia, USA. The primary goal of this
conference is to collect registration fee by accepting
all submitted papers. Several fake papers were published
in the conference proceedings. He already earned millions
of dollars from the registration fee and is using part
of the money for anti-Christmas greetings campaign.
http://worldcomp-fake-bogus.blogspot.com has
additional information on this campaign. He recently
started another new conference CSCI due to his hunger
for money http://www.americancse.org 

Hamid Arabnia failed to reveal the reviews and reviewers'
information for all the papers he received, despite
repeated requests and challenges. The reason for his
failure is there were no reviews and reviewers and he
just cheated the research community for more than a
decade by announcing that each draft paper is reviewed
by two experts. We challenge him to publish these details
at the conference website. Where are these experts?
Where are these reviews?

He pays tens of thousands of dollars and brings keynote
speakers and project his conference as a great one. He
lists the names of current and former keynote speakers
on the front page of the conference and use those names
as baits to attract paper submissions from innocent researchers.
He always conducts the conferences in the “sin city” to attract
people who prefer “other” activities.

DBLP stopped indexing these conferences since 2011
and displayed an explicit message;
The DBLP Advisory Board decided to discontinue indexing of
this conference series. Visit
as a sample.

He was forced to remove his name, the university of
Georgia name, and university of Georgia email address from
the conference’s contact page because the University has
banned him from doing that. He is running the conference
behind the scenes and there is no coordinator or general chair
listed for this conference.

Almost every week (until the conference date is so close),
Hamid Arabnia updates the conference website with things
like this: You are invited to submit a "Late Breaking Paper",
"Position Paper", "Abstract/Poster Paper" or “Abstract of
Thesis or Dissertation” for consideration, etc. He wants
more papers because each paper generates around 500 US
dollars in to his pocket.

Additional information on this conference bogus conference is
available by searching internet using the keywords
worldcomp fake or Hamid Arabnia fake

Apologies for posting to multiple mailing lists. Spreading the
word is the only way to stop this conference from cheating
innocent researchers.

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