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I somehow got subscribed

Lion Albaugh
I somehow got unintentionally subscribed to this feed. Can somebody please unsubscribe me.


On 2/15/07, Bert Freudenberg < [hidden email]> wrote:
Hi folks,

Jens Lincke of impara and me worked with NVIDIA developer support to
figure out what the problem is when "Composite" is enabled. Turns out
it is a fault on our part - their diagnostic was:

"the app is trying to create a depth 24 child window of a depth 32
parent and the app specifies neither a border pixel nor a border pixmap"

So here's a patch that indeed fixes the problem for our test machine:


The patch also adds a bit more verbose X error diagnostics.

Cheers to all, in particular the NVIDIA guys :)

- Bert -


Lion Albaugh
Boulder, CO
skype: lionalbaugh