Immersive Education meetings rescheduled (May 9th and...)

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Immersive Education meetings rescheduled (May 9th and...)

Aaron E. Walsh
Hello everyone, because of the Second Life outage on Apr 25 we've rescheduled
for next Friday (May 9th). We're also in the process of rescheduling the
Wonderland event that was previously scheduled for today (the high-res meeting
comes first since we talk about graphics and the Wonderland rendering engine,
and then the Wonderland meeting follows with that bit of high-res conversation
in mind).

Starting with the Wonderland meeting (date still to be set) we'll start having
our meetings on Education Grid servers that are hosted by universities and
academic organizations. These will happen using all 3 of our Immersive Education
platforms (Wonderland, the open source Second Life viewer, and Cobalt/Croquet).
For a period of time we'll continue to have some meetings in Second Life on the
Linden Labs servers because the Education Grid servers are very early stage and
under active development, but over time we'll transition entirely to the
Education Grid where we'll have backup (failover) servers on different network
segments and hosted by different universities. In cases where we have meetings
on commercial grids (such as the main Second Life grid) we'll always provide
backup locations on the Education Grid so that even if a service goes down we
can have our meetings without interruption. Our backup/failsafe Education
servers for Second Life should be ready by the end of this summer, perhaps even

As usual I'll post announcements about next Friday's meeting early next week and
on the day of the meeting itself, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all
there. If you're curious about the materials we'll cover in that conversation
you'll see some (but not all) of the images and videos already online at:

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


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