Intent to Change License for Squeak 4.0 - MIT/Apache

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Intent to Change License for Squeak 4.0 - MIT/Apache

Intent to Change License for Squeak 4.0

The Squeak Oversight Board plans to finalize the multi-year effort of
re-licensing Squeak. Squeak 4.0 is scheduled to be released on Monday,
March 15th, 2010 and will be licensed under the MIT License [1] with
some original parts remaining under the Apache License [2]. This release
will be functionally equivalent to the previous 3.10.2 release. Current
development work will be released as 4.1 as soon as possible following
the release of 4.0.

This notice is intended as a "last call" before the actual license
change takes effect. We have assembled re-licensing agreements from
every identifiable contributor. However, if you have contributed to
Squeak or know of someone who has contributed and has not been contacted
about the re-licensing effort, this notice is intended to make you
aware of the upcoming change and to allow you to contact the Squeak
Oversight Board regarding your contributions before the license change
takes place.

Please distribute this notice widely.  Questions or comments should be
sent to [hidden email] .

    = The Squeak Oversight Board [3] =