Introducing Mars 0.1

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Introducing Mars 0.1

Hi, I'm introducing Mars (just another world)

Mars is a world for Squeak (and all it's forks) builded as an MVC on
top of Cocoa (OSX framework) and OmniBrowser.
For that reason, Mars just runs on OSX environments.

While this project has some similariries with SqueakGTK and wxSqueak,
it has big differences:
1) Mars is not a port of Cocoa for squeak, is just an MVC
implementation who uses Cocoa. Why that "subtle" distinction? well,
SqueakGTK is a full port of GTK+ library and for that reason, a little
big a and a little too complex. I'm following simplicity as one of the
project goals.
2) Mars is a plugin, and will run in any fork of squeak, and OB-Mars
(Mars world) will run in any fork of squeak who can load OmniBrowser.
This is a big difference with wxSqueak, wich is a fork it self (and
requires an special VM)
And of course, while both efforts (SqueakGTK and wxWidgets) are cool,
none of them can be executed (and won't ever be) in small
environments, like the iphone, which is one of my main objectives
(using John's new VM and Edgar's work on minimal image building)

Mars is MIT and can be downloaded following instructions from here:
For more details (history, blog, etc.), you can go to:

DISCLAIMER: Right now, Mars is vere-very alpha stage (though it runs
and can be used) and I would love any contribution in the form of: bug
reports (there will be a lot now), feature requests, comments, and of
course, code :)


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