Issues with installing OMeta2 + infinite 2D world

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Issues with installing OMeta2 + infinite 2D world

Michał Olszewski


I'm new to the list.

My first question is, how do I load correctly OMeta2 into Squeak 5.3? I'm loading it using monticello browser and several errors pop up:

  1. first one is syntax error that I ignore. I assume it's related to that Ometa extends smalltalk syntax with its own one.
  2. second one is: MessageNotUnderstood:UndefinedObject>>isOMeta2Rule: .I choose to just implement one, in Object class, that returns always true value.
  3. The third one is MessageNotUnderstood: OMeta2Compiler>>parseCue:noPattern:ifFail: . I tried to debug it and it seems it's sent to parser, but parser understands such message or am I reading it wrong? Attempting to implement it in Compiler class instance side, results in infinite loop (image freeze).

Is there some way to load it, or something is broken in newer versions of Squeak?

By the way my OS is Windows 8.1, image is freshly downloaded from website + installed Babelsberg package.

My second question is, how can I implement infinite 2D world/pane where I can scroll/use mouse "click and drag" to navigate? What morphs classes (or approaches) should I use to implement such functionality? I want to implement train simulation (transporting goods etc.).


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