Job opening at University of Missouri related to virtual worlds development

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Job opening at University of Missouri related to virtual worlds development

Matthew Schmidt-2
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The iSocial team, comprised of educational technologists, computer scientists and special educators, is developing world-class software tools and three-dimensional virtual learning environments for the treatment and remediation of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The iSocial project is in need of a highly motivated and innovative individual with experience in Java programming to lead a team of developers to INVENT THE FUTURE in an advanced research and development project incorporating VIRTUAL REALITY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MASSIVELY MULTI-USER ONLINE VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS, VIDEO GAMES and THREE DIMENSIONAL VISUALIZATION technologies.

Required Qualifications:

In appraising the relative qualifications of candidates for all levels, consideration will be given to the extent and type of experience with various information technology functions and to the extent and type of pertinent education and formal training. Demonstrable working knowledge of or proven capability to quickly learn the following is required: programming language(s) with emphasis on Java, IDEs, virtual worlds toolkits and SDKs, 3D formats and workflows, artificial intelligence methodologies and techniques, multiple operating systems, and version control systems.

Knowledge in: electronic computer programming; design and implementation of algorithms, computer hardware and its capabilities; analyzing and improving processes via computational methods; providing solutions to challenging problems via computational means; technical reporting/documentation (including structured and/or computerized diagramming techniques); and performance of computer system analysis, design, testing, debugging and maintenance techniques and practices.

Ability to: write, document and maintain complex programs and code bases; develop detailed program specifications and understand and implement software requirements; analyze data, reason logically and creatively, identify problems, draw valid conclusions, and develop effective solutions; apply creative thinking in the design and development of methods for providing programmatic solutions to problems by using computers.

Preferred Qualifications:

High level of enthusiasm for working with advanced technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, massively multi-user online virtual environments, video games and three dimensional visualization. Experience programming substantial systems implementations in Java. Ability to integrate 3D models, virtual world physics systems, animation formats, multimedia, etc. into coherent software frameworks. Desire to work as a team member and an innovative problem solver for the many challenges in developing iSocial. Ability to work in an open source community. Experience with agile and extreme programming methods and/or eye tracking is also desirable, but not a requirement for the position.

Detailed Description:

The preferred candidate will be able to: independently and as a team member perform design, programming, and analysis work to lead the development of the iSocial project; assist the project team in defining system requirements and specifications; assist the project leader in specifying and testing operating environments, including hardware and network configurations; problem solve for best ways to implement programmatic solutions; investigate the feasibility of alternate programming approaches, techniques and/or methods to determine the best solution; and maintain appropriate documentation of iSocial and associated systems. The position requires the ability to lead the collaborative development of robust and stable Java-based programming solutions using IDEs, version control systems and other modern programming methods; test and verify this code to a high standard of quality; and work within an Open Source development framework, collaborating with a distributed cohort of individual developers and development teams to create world-class software.

This job is posted at the University of Missouri Human Resources website:

To apply for this position, please use to the Online Job Application System at