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Marcus Denker-2
----- Forwarded message from Martin Schulze <[hidden email]> -----

To: [hidden email]
Subject: [LT Infomail#3] Booth Assignment, Sleeping, Party - Squeak
From: Martin Schulze <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 01:14:07 +0200 (CEST)

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Booth Assignments - Very urgent

   I am forced to make final assignments of space and booths soon
   (really soon, it should have been done by last Friday but nobody
   told me, well...).

   Hence, I request your vision of the booth at LinuxTag 2002.

   I'm going to base the assignments and calculations on what you have
   told me that you wish to demonstrate at your booth during LinuxTag.
   Hence, if you haven't sent me your vision for LinuxTag and your
   booth yet, please do so as soon as possible (really ASAP, better
   tonight than tomorrow).  Please either drop me a mail or add it as
   comment to the database system.  This request does not include the
   following projects: Wine, Fresco, Squeak, Window-Maker and Japan
   Linux Association.

   As a rule of thumb: The booths won't be overly large and we will
   have only a limited amount of furniture this year.  Also furniture
   can only picked out of a limited variety, i.e. not as much
   different things as last year.  I expect regular tables and chairs.
   I hope to be able to provide a glas show-case for both PDA
   projects.  I'll also have a limited amount of 1-PC-tables
   ("Infopoints"), so better think about alternative plans if you
   would like to use them.  I don't have a list handy, so I can't
   answer detail questions.

2. Sleeping in the Gym Hall

   There are updates available about the gymn hall, in which you may
   stay during LinuxTag.  We are able to use this facility from
   Wednesday to Monday, but only during the night (22h-9h).  The hall
   will be used for regular sport activities during the day (just as
   last year, if you remember that).  However, all of your stuff can
   be locked away in a dedicated room.  As for every gym hall, there
   are showers.  Please keep in mind that there is no way to get to
   the room during the day.  If you need to talk to the people from
   KaLUG, they will most likely be at the Internet Café at LinuxTag.

   Registration for the gym hall is organized through LTP[1] for which
   you should have received an account already (if not, please contact
   the project admin or me).  Please enter "Stadion" into the field
   "Nightplace".  People from KaLUG[2] will be providing breakfast for
   you (including coffee, tea, orange juice, freshly baked rolls etc.)
   for about EUR 3/breakfast.  Please mark this in the form if you
   want to participate so we can calculate the amount of breakfast

    1. http://www.linuxtag.org/LinuxTag/
    2. http://www.ka.linux.de/

   Details are listed here[3] (German only, sorry).  The gym hall is
   called "Altes Station" and is located in the middle of the
   university campus in the city.  It's about 25 minutes per pedes
   from the exbhitition, and has a gratis parking facility 5-10
   minutes to it.  You should try to park your cars there, since
   parking at the exhibition is expensive.

    3. http://www.ka.linux.de/linuxtag/nacht.html

3. Party

   A party for you is planned on Saturday evening outside of the gym
   hall, including a barbeque (pay per piece), music and movies.  All
   projects people and supporters are invited to attend.

4. Arriving

   LinuxTag draws near and we are looking forward to welcoming you in
   about three weeks. Let me give you some final information about how
   to get to Karlsruhe. We have prepared some general information
   about how to get there by car, train and plane here[4].

    4. http://www.linuxtag.org/2002/deutsch/showitem.php3?item=91

5. iCafé - Internet Café

   We will have an Internet Café at the foyer of the exhibition area.
   However, it is meant as service to normal visitors.  Therefore, I'd
   like to ask you not to use it for reading mail etc. during the day
   since you would lock a chair and a machine a visitor could use

   You are, however, invited to help visitors and demonstrate stuff,
   so they will leave LinuxTag thinking "Wow, what an event". :)

6. Setting up the booth

   General setup time is Tuesday and Wednesday for the entire day and
   evening.  Professionals often start at 6am or something.  Your
   projects booths should be ready by Wednesday at noontime and can be
   set up until 8pm.  It should be readily set up on Thursday morning,

   If you need to carry large machines for which you require more
   time, please let me know so I can try to increase the pressure on
   the people who set the booths up to finish one booth earlier.

   You normally won't be able to drive into the exhibition hall by
   car, though. If available, please take all your trolleys and
   similar vehicles with you if you don't want to carry your stuff
   (like the ol' 21" monitor) by hand.  However, for large machines
   there is a possibility to get into the hall by car, details will be
   added to the FAQ as soon as I have received everything.



----- End forwarded message -----

Marcus Denker [hidden email]  -- Squeak! http://squeakland.org