New projects: CoBlocks and Parkobalt

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New projects: CoBlocks and Parkobalt

Americo Damasceno
We will launch soon two new projects (in paralel to our Manual):

"CoBlocks" is for kids (age 13 +)and will put available virtual boxes having
collections of Cobalt 3D virtual blocks, for the easy creation of islands, only
placing the blocks at the correct positions. Figures for orientation of  this
positioning. Something like a LEGO virtual 3D.

Having many blocks of many boxes, the kid can create new original islands.

"Parkobalt" is for kids (age 7 +). We will explain the creation, using "3D
Painter", of animals, characters etc. etc. to be included inside an empty
virtual park (an area having grass and some trees). The "parkobalt" created by
the kid, can be saved and published and visited by other kids. Unfortunately
not multiplayer YET!