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Oops, my bad

Chris Cunnington
Some of the problems I've been having have come from not including this
code written in the startup Workspace for the Wormhole server:

(self minimumSubjectPeer classWithBaseID: EditHistory baseID) connect

For reasons unknown I haven't added this when I started the Wormhole
server to connect to the subject.image and history.image. I think this
has meant the history image has been unreachable. Having started to do
that Spoon works much better. RTFM, I guess.

Anyway, if I could figure out how to remove the bug I put at
bugs.squeak.org, I would.

I can now see the code for methods in the code pane of the Other
Browser. It wonks out sometimes with an error, but it's a huge leap
forward in my hacking.

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