Pharo 6.0 and 6.1 64 bit freeze on MacMini

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Re: Pharo 6.0 and 6.1 64 bit freeze on MacMini -also in 7.03

Thanks for Pharo 8.0!

Sorry to revive this thread again and again since version 6,
but the full screen freeze problem on Mac still persists.

Did a clean install today of Pharo 8.0 as follows:
Remove all Pharo, apps, images, launcher from before < Pharo 8.0
(saved my stuff in .st files before doing so)

Installed Pharo 8.0 launcher
-started with vanilla 8.0 64 bit image.
-changed fonts to medium (4k screen here)
-saved the image.
-clicked on full screen option in the top menu.
Freezes again in full screen modus.

As long as I don't go full screen or resize to that,
everything works ok.

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