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Gary Chambers-4
New updates to Polymorph on SqueakSource.
Some fixes to niggling problems and much improved Watery 2 theme using
composited forms for buttons.

Notable recent changes:

    ColorFillStyle representing a sub-area based on origin/extent
    Support for form-based composite fill styles (9 segments, central
    Fix for initial incorrect scrollbar range/interval in
    Watery 2 them using form-based fillstyles for
    Support via UIManager for PasswordDialogWindow
    SystemWindow subpane border themed.
    Fix for misframed scrollbars (http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=6844)
    Default theme fonts picked via Preferences
    ToggleMenuItemMorph support abuse of enablementSelector (block vs.
    PluggableTextMorph>>accept now synchronous (fixes weirdness in
    Fixed inconsistent locking of SyatemWindow titlebar controls
    MultistateButtonMorph added (used in window controls for Vistary theme
at present)
    Theming of menu items and selection
    Uses of UpdatingMenuItemMorph migrated to ToggleMenuItemMorph supporting
themed checkbox
    FontSelectorDialogWindow refactored to support latest FreeType.
    Support for clipped ImageFillStyles based on origin/extent

Once any feedback has settled over the next few weeks a dev Universe release
will be made.

Regards, Gary.

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