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Shack Dougall
Happy to report that I was able to solve both my questions!

A line added to RealEstateAgent has mostly given me the drag-open that I
wanted instead of pop-open for browsers.

And I updated my packages with the latest from hedgehog.  It didn't go
flawlessly, but I was able to get it to work.  I had to recompile
Croquet-Objects to get rid of anObsoleteClass that was hanging around.  
And I had to nil out the Default class variable of the Island class.  
And finally, I had to delete everything in the cache directory because
some of the new class definitions conflicted with the previously cached

But I was able to get the demos running again, so I'm happy :-).


Shack Dougall wrote:
> *1) I guess I'm looking for confirmation and some advice about how to
> stay in sync without causing myself more grief than necessary.
> *2) How to drag out the browser window instead of having it pop up at
> a predetermined size...