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Re: Proposal for unify different pictures dictionary

Edgar J. De Cleene
Juan Vuletich puso en su mail :

> WRT the Nebraska fixes, when you have the "final" version, I'll publish it.
> It would be even better if Yoshiki (who knows about Nebraska and uses it)
> and you agree on the changes. (BTW, this talk should be in the Morphic
> mailing list, shouldn't it?)
You are right.

Yoshiki are kindly guiding me and I thanks a lot to he.

Now I have the actual SqueakPlugin-dev.image and do the experiments between
this and 6705.

The only bug now is a missed font size what 6705 have and
SqueakPlugin-dev.image no.

I send my idea to Yoshiki for he say how improve.
And think what a lot could do with Nebraska.
I now learn where and why that WorldState thing shows !!



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