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Re: Using CurveMorph for building a jigsaw puzzle

Jerome Peace
Hi Edgar

I am thrilled to hear you've put my curves in squeak
lite. Feels good to have all that work put to use.

After my last email I tryed your rompacabazas again in
3.9 .  No problem opening the .sar and loading the
program.  The jpeg reader/writer is broken right now
in 3.9. So I changed the file extention to read in
.gifs; wrote out a few exported images (It complained
until I wrote out more than 5) and then it WORKED.

Notes: A ruler with an embedded clockMorph made a
reasonable picture for a puzzle. The ruler let me set
things to the right size. And I grew the clock until
it filled its container.

You also need the other fix. Reverting to an earlier
Morph>>releaseCachedState so that polygons get
rejected properly.

Other than that it worked mostly as expected.

I didn't look inside yet. I'll probably wait till next

Cheers and joy, -- Jerome Peace

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