Research Budget to enhance Cobalt to support security analysis

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Research Budget to enhance Cobalt to support security analysis

Hi, Folks

Imagine being able to collaboratively construct secure places and analyze the security of existing or hypothetical places collaboratively in Cobalt. We need your help to make it happen and we have some budget. Please email me if you can do the programming or provide advice and direction or can point me at the right person or people to do the programming.

You WILL get to publish with leading lights in the world of security if you work with us on this project.



= = = =

I study security and election security in particular. I "wrote the book" on threat analysis of elections: The Machinery of Democracy: Protecting Elections in an Electronic World
I have some budget to build a new user interface for some threat modeling tools which will be open source. I thought that cobalt / croquet / squeak  might be the perfect thing to build the new UI in. It could move our research in the direction of allowing people to collaboration around designing physical secure spaces and to assess the relative security of various spaces (such as election warehouses and the labs of election vendors, but anything, really...)
Can you help? Please write to me at EricLLazarus!PUTINTHEATSIGNRIGHTHEREPLEASE!
If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested PLEASE email right away! This is an area where 3D modeling and collaboration could make a huge difference.