Running Croquet on Fedora FC 7

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Running Croquet on Fedora FC 7

Les Howell
I have two Fedora systems, one on Fedora 8, and one on Fedora 7, both
fully updated.
I have loaded the updated version labeled:  updatedCroquetSDK-1.0.25

When on the Fedora FC 7 system it opens the demo master by dragging it
to the desktop it appeared to run, but I somehow went through one of the
portals unintentionally and became a fish.  I couldn't get back.  When I
selected quit on the desktop menu, it exited and I received the messages
in the shell window I have copied below.
For this version I need to know how to isolate the segmentation fault...
This system has 1G of memory and no other applications generate

On the FC-8 version when I drag the demo participant window onto the
desktop all I get is a red square.  When I abort I get only the error
message about REUSEPORT, which I have always gotten and have been told
to ignore.  But it never joins the master or appears to work.  Where
should I start looking?

Les H

FC-7 version

ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/lib/': Permission
SocketPlugin: ignoring unknown option 'SO_REUSEPORT'

Segmentation fault

2054242144 SmalltalkImage>snapshot:andQuit:embedded:
2054242052 SmalltalkImage>snapshot:andQuit:
2054237552 TheWorldMenu>quitSession
2054237368 TheWorldMenu>doMenuItem:with:
2054237276 [] in MenuItemMorph>invokeWithEvent:
2054237184 BlockContext>ensure:
2054237092 Cursor>showWhile:
2054237000 MenuItemMorph>invokeWithEvent:
2054236904 MenuItemMorph>mouseUp:
2054236812 MenuItemMorph>handleMouseUp:
2054236548 MouseButtonEvent>sentTo:
2054236456 Morph>handleEvent:
2054236364 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchDefault:with:
2054236272 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchEvent:with:
2054236180 Morph>processEvent:using:
2054236072 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchDefault:with:
2054235980 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchEvent:with:
2054235848 Morph>processEvent:using:
2054235756 Morph>processEvent:
2054235664 MenuMorph>handleFocusEvent:
2054235388 [] in HandMorph>sendFocusEvent:to:clear:
2054235480 [] in PasteUpMorph>becomeActiveDuring:
2054235296 BlockContext>on:do:
2054235204 PasteUpMorph>becomeActiveDuring:
2054235020 HandMorph>sendFocusEvent:to:clear:
2054234928 HandMorph>sendEvent:focus:clear:
2054234784 HandMorph>sendMouseEvent:
2054234692 HandMorph>handleEvent:
2054234436 HandMorph>processEvents
2054234528 [] in WorldState>doOneCycleNowFor:
2054234344 SequenceableCollection>do:
2054234252 WorldState>handsDo:
2054234160 WorldState>doOneCycleNowFor:
2054234048 WorldState>doOneCycleFor:
2054233956 PasteUpMorph>doOneCycle
2038983788 [] in Project class>spawnNewProcess
2038983880 [] in BlockContext>newProcess
FC 8 version:

SocketPlugin: ignoring unknown option 'SO_REUSEPORT'

[1]+ Done                        ./Cr*.sh