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Scamper for squeak 5.3

hello Marcel, and others

reading your mail, i realized that i eventually did not use the good
version, i'm not used with GitHub and did not see that releases existed.

the first time, i downloaded Metacello, and installed Scamper by
Metacello using a doit of :


Installer ensureRecentMetacello.

Metacello new
   baseline: 'Scamper';
   repository: 'github://HPI-SWA-Teaching/Scamper:dev/packages';
   onConflict: [:ex | ex allow];

and i made some modifications.

then i tried the sar file in your mail : Scamper-Release-2.0.sar.

This gives a quite different version of Scamper, the UI in the first
version uses imageButtons for example, and also has methods

to construct html error messages.

But the two versions had the same bug in HtmlBlockMorph >>
adjustBoundsToSubmorphs which in some cases conduced to an endless loop

consuming all the ram of my machine. This is i think because Points are
no longer integers only.

I choosed to stay with the second version because i am not easy with
Metacello. (by the way isn't Metacello basically designed for Pharo ?).

So now i shall try to join the Changeset of my modifications :

I would be pleased if you could try them and tell me if they work.

Some of them could have side effects, so any comment is welcomed.


André Jacques BERTRAND,

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[hidden email]

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