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Second Life Filth

waufrepi III
Hello all,

   while I haven't had as much time to tinker with Croquet I'd like to mention
a concern that I've had for a while.

   One of the key things that turned me off from Second Life is not the
architecture issue's, but the amount of filth that is available to the click.
One of the best things about the Croquet/Etoys/Squeak movement is that it
appears to be in good hands for now.
 Since in my personal goal for programming is to be able to function within
Squeak environments at the design level, it is outside the scope of my
interest/abilities to address this. As Croquet/Cobalt matures I humbly ask that
the Wizards take into consideration that children will be using the "browser".
I will be the first to admit that I don't fully understand how visiting islands
will work ( in that respect I am in way over my head ). However if the future
holds something that even remotely resembles web browsers or Second Life, then
I would hope that some restrictive resource would be available to parents and

This might yet again expose how little I understand, but I just needed to get
it out there because it's been on my mind and I think it important.

congrats on the new release. Hope everyone still having a blast!