Squeak News team Report - Feb 2008

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Squeak News team Report - Feb 2008

Ron Teitelbaum
Hello Everybody,

This is your monthly News report for Feb 2008.

A cold snap has locked the east coast.  There has been lots of snow and ice,
but things are starting to thaw.  I saw some of my bees flying just the
other day so spring is on the way.

And now the news:

We had 13,004 hits for the leap month of February.  The one missing day from
(29 instead of 30) is not enough to account for the drop in numbers.  It
must be the lack of good pictures from Craig.  We are down 2000 hits from
last month and 25,000 from the month of PARC pictures.

Our top articles were

The Golight: Tool Support for Test-Drive
est-driven-development/> 3,398 hits
Qwaq releases Hydra multi-core Squeak VM
-squeak-vm/> 2,329 hits
Hashing in Smalltalk
769 hits
IANAL - But they are! SFLC Guide to FOSS
to-foss-legal-issues/>  580 hits

We had 9 articles in February, which is not bad.  I would like to thank
Klaus Witzel for helping to find good stories to post.  That has been very
helpful to get our numbers up.  Like Klaus if you have suggestions for
things you would like to see posted, please feel free to drop the News Team
a line.

On the Political front, the Squeak Election Team Headed by Göran Krampe has
done a wonderful job getting the Squeak Foundation Board 2008 Election
organized and encouraging participation from both the candidates and the
community. The News team looks forward to posting an article about the
results.  Please don't forget to vote!  Voting helps to show your support
for the Squeak Foundation and all the hard work that the Board does for the
community.  You can find out more about the election at:

Happy Squeaking, I'm Ron Teitelbaum your Squeak News Team Leader.

Have a good day!

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