Squeak Roundup 10/8/2008

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Squeak Roundup 10/8/2008

Ken Causey-3
Squeak Roundup #10
October 8, 2008

Here you will find a quick summary of announcements and related items
from recent weeks that never quite made it to the Squeak Announcements
mailing list. See the end of this message for more meta-information.

Squeak Leadership Meeting Minutes 2008-09-03

Craig Latta reports on the early September Leadership meeting.


Squeak-Dev Images for September 2008

Damien Cassou announces the availability of the newest releases of his
collection of customized Squeak releases.


Squeak iPhone Port Now Available

Michael Rueger announces that a release of Squeak is now available for
the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.


Squeak-Dev Image Fixes

Damien Cassou reports that new versions of his Squeak-Dev images have
been released to address a font problem.



Michael Perscheid announces a project to provide access to Subversion
within Squeak.


Call For Participants: Smalltalk Superpowers (Their Uses for Good or

Travis Griggs calls for participation in a day-long workshop at OOPSLA
2008 for stories about the power and responsibility that goes along with
the use of Smalltalk.


MemoryAccess Slang Alternative to sqMemoryAccess.h Macros

David T. Lewis announces "a small addition to VMMaker that provides a
Smalltalk Slang implemention of the memory access macros (or static
inline functions) that are normally defined in sqMemoryAccess.h."


Squeak Leadership Meeting Minutes 2008-09-17

Craig Latta reports on the second of the two meetings for the month of


Lisp50@OOPSLA -- Celebrating the 50th birthday of Lisp at OOPSLA 2008

Robert Hirschfeld invites the Smalltalk community to participate in the
50th Birthday of Lisp.


Smalltalks 2008 Latest News

Andres Valloud reports the latest news regarding the Smalltalk
conference to be held in Argentinia in November.


New BabyIDE version

Trygve Reenskaug presents the latest version of BabyIDE.


Pier 1.0.17

Tudor Girba announces the release of Pier 1.0.17, a one-click image, and
a new website for Pier.


DrGeo II Universal One-Click Distribution

Hilaire Fernandes announces the availability of a one-click image with
DrGeo II, "an interactive geometry framework integrating with


Representing Matrices as Two Dimensional Arrays in Slang

Ramiro Diaz Trepat announces his Numerics package "that adds Vector
and Matrix classes that can solve LU decompositions, linear equations,
determinants, normal multiplication, kronecker multiplication and a few
other things."


Squeak-Dev Images for October 2008

Damien Cassou comes through like clockwork with the latest releases of
the Squeak-Dev customized images.


Smalltalks 2008 Coding Contest Has Begun

Andres Valloud notes that the coding contest for Smalltalks 2008 has
started and that the problem is available.


Squeak Website Now Runs on Aida/Scribo

Janko Mivšek announces that the community website http://www.squeak.org/
has been replaced with a new version implemented using Aida/Scribo.


Yet Another Objective-C Bridge

John M McIntosh announces a new Objective-C bridge related to his work
with Squeak on the iPhone.


Monticello 2.0.22

Colin Putney announces the release of a new version of Monticello 2.


iPhone Squeak VM 1.0.5b4

John M McIntosh announces the availability of a new VM for the iPhone.


Summary of FreeCAD/Croquet for GSOC 2008

Phua Khai Fong summarizes the current state of his GSOC 2008 project to
implement a CAD system within Croquet.


Configuring a SqueakSource Repository?

In response to a question Philippe Marschall reports on the availability
of a new version of SqueakSource and the start of a new version to work
with Monticello 2.


Leadership Team Changes

Randal L. Schwartz reports on roster changes within the Squeak
Leadership Team.


Dependency Browser

Hernán Morales Durand announces a new Dependency Browser for packages.


Join the Smalltalk Group on LinkedIn

Janko Mivšek invites all Squeakers to join the LinkedIn group he


This periodic publication is meant to capture those Squeak related
announcements which appeared on public mailing lists but were not sent
to the Squeak Announcements mailing list. Ideally there would be no
need for this publication but use of the Announcements mailing list has
not quite settled in the community's unconscious. So if you have an
announcement and do not wish to suffer the fate of my terse summaries I
suggest you Cc [hidden email] .

Ken Causey

Announcements and News from the Squeak Community
Squeak: http://squeak.org/
[hidden email]

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