Squeak Roundup 12/6/2008

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Squeak Roundup 12/6/2008

Ken Causey-3
Squeak Roundup #12
December 12, 2008

Here you will find a quick summary of announcements and related items
from recent weeks that never quite made it to the Squeak Announcements
mailing list. See the end of this message for more meta-information.

Squeak Carbon OS-X VM 3.8.19beta2U Ships

John McIntosh pushes out an update to the Squeak virtual machine
implementation for the Apple Macintosh family.


An Update on NXTalk

Michael Haupt sends out a short message with a link to an update on his
NXTalk project working on a Smalltalk implementation for the Mindstorms
NXT robotics platform.


Squeak Win32 VM 3.10.9

Andreas Raab links to a new release of the Squeak Virtual machine for
the Microsoft Windows platform.


Squeak Win32 VM 3.10.10

Andreas quickly follows up with a new release of the Squeak virtual
machine for the Microsoft Windows platform addressing a couple of


Lightweight Classes

Hernán Morales Durand announces the availability of "an implementation
of Lightweight Classes for Squeak that follows the original paper
"Debugging Objects" of Hinkle et al."


Sparkle Automatic Update Framework for Squeak OS-X

John McIntosh announces the availability of "a plugin to enable the use
of Sparkle to receive update information about the macintosh carbon VM.
This lets you auto-update your Squeak based application by pushing
update notifications via rss to users."


Leadership Team Meeting Notes for 2008-11-19

Craig Latta reports on the mid-November meeting of the Squeak Leadership


Second Call for Feedback on Naiad Design

After receiving little response to his earlier email linking to the
Naiad design notes Craig Latta decides to email the notes directly to
the list.


Lightweight Class Browser

Hernán Morales Durand follows up his earlier announcement with one about
a new code browser based on Omnibrowser.


Alien FFI

John McIntosh reports on the porting of his Alien FFI project to Pharo.


Alien FFI Documentation

John McIntosh follows up with a link to documentation for Alien FFI.


Mac Carbon VM Squeak 3.8.20beta1U.app Ships for Testing

John McIntosh announces the availability of a new testing release of the
Squeak virtual machine implementation for the Apple Macintosh platform.


Logging Improvements

Keith Hodges announces a new release of his Logging framework.


Graduate Position (Smalltalk Involved), Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mathieu van Echtelt announces the availability of a research position
that includes work using Smalltalk.


Logging Updated

Keith Hodges follows up announcing further updates to his Logging


Sake-Packages New Feature

Keith Hodges reports on a new feature found in the latest releases of
his package management framework.


Leadership Team Meeting Notes for 2008-12-03

Craig Latta reports on the early-December meeting of the Squeak
Leadership Team.


This periodic publication is meant to capture those Squeak related
announcements which appeared on public mailing lists but were not sent
to the Squeak Announcements mailing list. Ideally there would be no
need for this publication but use of the Announcements mailing list has
not quite settled in the community's unconscious. So if you have an
announcement and do not wish to suffer the fate of my terse summaries I
suggest you Cc [hidden email] .

Ken Causey

Announcements and News from the Squeak Community
Squeak: http://squeak.org/
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