Squeak Roundup 4/1/2008

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Squeak Roundup 4/1/2008

Ken Causey-3
Squeak Roundup #4
April 1, 2008

Here you will find a quick summary of announcements and related items
from recent weeks that never quite made it to the Squeak Announcements
mailing list.  See the end of this message for more meta-information.

Newspeak Programming Language

Robert Krahn provides th3e abstract for a talk by Gilad Bracha on the
new dynamic language Newspeak he has been working on.


ESUG 2008 Call for Contributions

Stéphane Ducasse sends a reminder about the call for submissions to the
16th International Smalltalk Joint Conference.


Squeak by Example Second Edition

Stéphane Ducasse announces the availability of the second edition of the
book for new Squeakers.


3.10 is Done

Ralph Johnson announces the eminent completion of the 3.10 release of


PhD Thesis

Stéphane Ducasse provides information about an opening to pursue a PhD
related to Squeak and dynamic languages.


New KernelImage

Pavel Krivanek announces the availability of the newest version of


Monticello Backport to Squeak 3.4

Germán Arduino announces the availability of a backport of the
Monticello versioning system to Squeak 3.4.


Squeak in Google Summer of Code 2008

Giovanni Corriga announces that the Squeak project has been accepted as
an organization within the Google Summer of Code event for 2008.  (If
you are interested in participating as a student but haven't signed up
yet then you are in luck because Google has extended the student
application deadline until April 7th.  But now is the time to act so
don't wait any longer.)


New News Team Leader

Ron Teitelbaum announces his retirement as the leader of the News Team
and his replacement by Michael Davies.


Squeak Board Meeting Minutes 2008-03-19

Craig Latta reports on the discussion within the Squeak Board meeting
for March 19, 2008.


OmniBrowser Enhancements

David Röthlisberger announces the availability of a package enhancing
the OmniBrowser collection of tools.


FunSqueak 6

Edgar J. De Cleene announces the availability of his newest customized
Squeak image focussing on fun.


New Release Team Mailing List

Matthew Fulmer announces a new mailing list for the discussion of future
releases of Squeak.


Stable 3.10 Universe Finished

Lex Spoon announces the availability of the completed Package Universe
for Squeak 3.10


This periodic publication is meant to capture those Squeak related
announcements which appeared on public mailing lists but were not sent
to the Squeak Announcements mailing list.  Ideally there would be no
need for this publication but use of the Announcements mailing list has
not quite settled in the community's unconscious.  So if you have an
announcement and do not wish to suffer the fate of my terse summaries I
suggest you Cc [hidden email] .

Ken Causey

Announcements and News from the Squeak Community
Squeak: http://squeak.org/
[hidden email]

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