Squeak Roundup 6/6/2008

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Squeak Roundup 6/6/2008

Ken Causey-3
Squeak Roundup #6
June 6, 2008

Here you will find a quick summary of announcements and related items
from recent weeks that never quite made it to the Squeak Announcements
mailing list.  See the end of this message for more meta-information.

New Releases of Squeak-dev images for May

Damien Cassou announces the latest in his regular monthly releases of
squeak-dev and related customized images.


Traits Reading Material

In response to a discussion of Traits Damien Cassou provides links to
papers and other material on the subject.


Squeak on WikfiBot Robots and Open PhD Student Position on Robotics

Noury Bouraqadi announces a new robotics platform on which Squeak is
running and that he is seeking a PhD student to contribute to the


ESUG Awards 2008

Noury Bouraqadi invites submissions to the 5th ESUG Innovation
Technology awards.


New Download URL for Squeak-dev

Damien Cassou announces a change in the location to find squeak-dev and
related images.


S3 Recordings Available Online

Robert Hirschfeld announces the availability of vides from the recently
held Self-sustaining Systems conference.



Tobias Pape announces the availability of a new developer utility 'in
the spirit of (C) Lint or SmallLint.'


Dan Ingalls on FLOSS Weekly

Randal L. Schwartz invites listeners to a recent interview with Dan


Haru PDF Library Binding for Squeak

To quote Torsten Bergmann: '"HARU is a free, cross platform,
open-sourced software library for generating PDF" - so why not use it
from Squeak?'


FunSqueak 6

Edgar J. De Cleene invites evaluation of the latest version of the
FunSqueak version of Squeak.


Squeak-dev Images for June

Damien Cassou announces the availability of the latest version of
squeak-dev and squeak-web customized images.


Smalltalks 2008

Andres Valloud announces Smalltalks 2008, a conference to be held in
Buenos Aires, Argentina in mid-November.


This periodic publication is meant to capture those Squeak related
announcements which appeared on public mailing lists but were not sent
to the Squeak Announcements mailing list.  Ideally there would be no
need for this publication but use of the Announcements mailing list has
not quite settled in the community's unconscious.  So if you have an
announcement and do not wish to suffer the fate of my terse summaries I
suggest you Cc [hidden email] .

Ken Causey

Announcements and News from the Squeak Community
Squeak: http://squeak.org/
[hidden email]

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