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Kirk Fraser
Thank you Tim and Michael for actual help.  
After downloading and extracting the .Squeak All-In-One zip file  started Squeak!  

For improving the Squeak.Downloads page,
Download the Squeak All-In-One. Unzip and double click. Works on any operating system: 
Windows double click Squeak.exe
Linux double click or see Terminal help (link to Michael's instructions).
MacIntosh double click {whatever goes here}

Once inside Squeak there should be at least enough beginner's help to get a "Hello World" window open and code saved by FileOut.  Preferably more help for beginners.

There should be help explaining what a project is relative to a fileOut and the Load Project window should have hover help or in some other way explain what the arcane project names mean.

BTW, if there is some Smalltalk standards organization, FileOut and FileIn should be standardized so code from Squeak at least files in to other Smalltalks and back.

Now for anti-Rant:
Linux is more popular than MacIntosh and growing user friendliness of some "distros" puts whatever burden there is for Windows and Mac onto Squeak developers for Linux.  Squeak is slowly improving but it is still not beginner friendly.  I spent a large chunk of my poverty income to hire a programmer in India who could not learn Smalltalk in a month enough to accomplish useful work.  And for people who think graphical programming languages (GPL) like Scratch or Etoys is better than Smalltalk properly explained to beginners including children should look at the size and quality of code libraries written in Smalltalk compared to those written in GPL for a clue and if that isn't enough, consider why is Egyptian Hieroglyphs a dead language? 

Kirk W. Fraser - Replace the fraud churches with the true church. - Example of False Justice common in America

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