The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 19: May 4 - Aug 16, 2008

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The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 19: May 4 - Aug 16, 2008

Michael Haupt-3
Dear Squeakers,

welcome to this edition of The WeeklySqueakSummary, an irregular
traffic-dependent report on what's going on in the world of Squeak
based on the WeeklySqueak blog. It's been a rather long time since the
last issue because I've been on parental leave for two months...
anyway, here we go again with a slightly longer e-mail than usual.

Highlights of the past weeks:

First, some updates. Monticello 2 is out [36], and so is Swazoo 2.2
[32]. The former is essentially a complete re-write with an all-new
core versioning mechanism. The latter especially features faster
uploads. The popular "Squeak by Example" book has also been updated -
updated to be available in another language: French [4]!

Some interesting new projects have emerged: at Qwaq, Eliot Miranda is
building an improved Squeak VM called Cog [14]; and what started as a
coursework assignment at HPI to improve some of the functionality of
JSqueak [20] has been turned into a SourceForge-hosted project called
Potato [25]: a Squeak VM implemented in Java. Also an, albeit
different, VM, MagLev supports Ruby on top of GemStone/S [12].
SandstoneDB [28] is a simple OODBMS based on ideas from ActiveRecord
and Prevayler. Algernon [2] helps navigating the Squeak image.

The native widgets side of the universe has interesting news. After a
long time, wxSqueak has been updated [27] - let's hope it's come fully
back to life! SeasideXUL [5] uses the Firefox XULRunner to support
building GUIs, and one of this year's Squeak-related GSoC projects
[26] is SqueakGTK.

Squeak has been ported to two more platforms: the iPhone [16], and WiFiBots [7].

Last but certainly not least, congratulations to the CMSBox team for
winning an UI usability award [35]!

The past weeks' news items:

[1] Seaside: your next web framework

[2] Algernon: your personal assistant for Squeak

[3] Squeak Etoys - Students Build Their Own Games In Four Days

[4] Squeak by Example now available in French

[5] Native look and feel apps with Firefox XULRunner

[6] 16th International Smalltalk Joint Conference - Call for Contributions

[7] Driving WifiBots with Squeak

[8] S3 Highlights: Lively, COLA, Huemul, Squeak on Python and more

[9] German Squeak Association Meeting: Demos

[10] New Yorkers' chance to see Squeak-based education tools

[11] Dan Ingalls Interview on FLOSS Weekly

[12] Gemstone's MagLev presented at RubyConf

[13] Smalltalk Solutions 2008 - two weeks to go!

[14] Qwaq developing new fast Smalltalk VM

[15] Randal Schwartz to join Smalltalk podcast (warning, some
recursion involved)

[16] Squeak on the iPhone!

[17] Conference News: Smalltalks 2008 in Buenos Aires

[18] Conference news: C5-09 in Kyoto

[19] ESUG Awards for innovative software

[20] JSqueak - Smalltalk interpreter written in Java

[21] Conference News - Libre Software Meeting, 1-5 July, France

[22] One stop shop for Smalltalk jobs

[23] Smalltalk Solutions 2008 - slides now available

[24] Conference news: ESUG 2008 - more information

[25] Potato - version of JSqueak from HPI

[26] Squeak's Google Summer of Code projects

[27] WxSqueak reaches 0.5

[28] SandstoneDb - Simple ActiveRecord-style persistence in Squeak

[29] Get recording your Squeak videos now!

[30] Plopp featured in MacWorld

[31] Avi Bryant Interview

[32] Swazoo 2.2 beta with fast file upload released

[33] Volunteers wanted for Squeak project

[34] New Video Tutorial - Squeak Bug/Fix Reporting

[35] CMSBox wins top usability awards

[36] All new Monticello 2

You can find this and much more on The WeeklySqueak blog, the newsblog
dedicated to the world of Squeak:

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Happy squeaking,

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