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Then again...

Chris Cunnington
I think what I said yesterday is impossible. I think TCP can open a
channel, but can't itself pass data. To even make a request requires the
HTTP protocol.

TCP                     stream := SocketStream
openConnectionToHostNamed: '' port:80

HTTP                   stream nextPutAll: 'GET /HTTP'; crlf;crlf; flush.

Those lines are taken from the SocketStream class comment and I think
they illustrate the relationship between TCP and HTTP. You need HTTP to
make a request.


If I open Spoon and follow its instructions. And then in the Other
Browser I get an error when I click on a method in the remote/subject
image that says this:

MessageNotUnderstood: ByteString>>activeClass

then I'm going to say that there is a problem between the large and
small images in sending each other data. If it is not possible for the
TCP protocol to send data on its own and the current alpha has no HTTP
protocol classes, then doesn't it follow that the current alpha release
expects resources that aren't there?

And doesn't the master version of Spoon have an HTTPServer and related
HTTP protocol classes? Is that why we get an a ByteString>>activeClass

It's a thought,

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