Tweak/Squeak/Cobalt mouse problems

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Tweak/Squeak/Cobalt mouse problems




I am experiencing a strange bug with Tweak while running Cobalt.  I am using Windows XP SP2.  Initially I must bring up the Morphic Halo by alt-clicking and move around in Cobalt using the right mouse button and dragging.  However, for some reason, if I ever open up a Tweak Project Window from the World menu, then that GUI object seems to cause erratic mouse effects such as what appears to be swapping the alt-click and the right mouse button.  I am aware that Tweak items are uses a different button configuration than the rest of Squeak, but the effect then carries over to the rest of Squeak including Cobalt.  I then have to move in cobalt by alt-clicking and dragging and bring up the morphic halo by right-clicking.  Not only that, but it appears to screw up the operation of Cobalt as well, such as occasional right-clicks causing continuous movement and then bringing up the Morphic Halo.  The effect that opening the Tweak Project Window has is permanent, even without saving the image, and the only way that I have been able to reverse the effect is by re-extracting all the files for Cobalt.


Any ideas on how to fix this?


Thanks for your help.sss