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Ken G. Brown
In my dev8.04.1 working image I had manually applied some fixes from a separate Workspace to make toggle-break-on-entry work again from the method pane contextual menu.
I forget at the moment which ones they were. As well i applied most of the stuff from Plus a lot of other stuff.

When upgrading to dev8.05.1 I would like to be able to easily compare what is different from dev8.04.1 in order to know which fixes have already been included in the new release, and therefore I do not have to manually include anymore.

This also applies to the scripts on Which of the fixes in the scripts have already been applied in the new dev release and I will no longer need to do.

Maybe this would be as simple as applying my complete list of fixes in the new release, but having the ones already there be flagged so I can remove them from the new installer script for fixes. A full status report of some sort would be handy to evaluate the 3-way diff between what's there in new, what's there in previous, and what you intend to install now.

Ken G. Brown
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