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Chris Cunnington
Oops, the remote image does have a compiler.

I thought for a moment and the agency doing the encoding is likely the agency doing the un-encoding. MessagingSession>>performNextIncomingMessage. This leads to:

send: selector withParameters: parameters to: receiver over: aRemoteMessagingSession under: remoteExchangeID

    "Send the message with selector and parameters to receiver, using session's connection, for the remote exchange with ID remoteExchangeID."

            receiver perform: selector withArguments: parameters.
.. snip..
            result := receiver perform: selector withArguments: parameters.

The #perform: is activating the receiver and selector specified in the message. Everything coming across the wire is a proxy encoding material. I guess you could specify a new class to be instantiated and that could be how imprinting happens over the wire.



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