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[croquet] computer requirements, where and first steps

Paul Sheldon-2
A source confirmed that croquet prefers
1. a graphics accellerator card and
2. high bandwidth

 From readings on various lists,
1. I suppose, with low bandwidth, the "graphics preamble" takes more  
("connecting" takes longer, even if I wouldn't be connecting to  
another pc's world)
2. VR responses to events would be slower feedback and resolution fuzzy

So, a family out of spending money needs a library install past  
paranoid IT people.

You could ask a stranger can I have my rabbit jump onto your computer.
You get a funny look.
You ask "just google croquet" and wifi coffee houses see your  
nervousness, assume worst.

There is some sort of "threshold event" I haven't figured out for  

"Gonna take one small step before looking at the mountain".

So, I've peeked (to peak) at a squeak book and maybe I get a bit of  
squeak syntax.

What is it I really want?

I want to figure how kids could collaborate drawing in 3D worlds with me
(virtual os's can come much much later).

I want it to appear that I am there,
perhaps with my rabbit or Barney as a graphics tool
or perhaps with it only posing facial expressions with keyboard  
shortcuts for these.

I've done a facial tweaking exercise in Maya.

I might imagine exporting the openGL callbacks and connecting them to  
key events.

That could be one small step.

I could spend several days or weeks tweaking the tweaker
and then make a face that changed its expression at the remote kids.

They'd pay attention for one moment, get bored and move on.

I've done stuff like that and it wasn't as dismal as it sounds.

To actually engage kids for several days or weeks :
to generate a class kids are sent to attend
can't be done in a vacuum and requires history of results and success

But, history can't invent the future.

Sometimes small steps make great oral stories for kids, especially if  
you are excited...

and they see you are really excited about living your life in little  

and not looking at mountains ahead.