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[croquet-dev] Proposal for CCPainter

David Faught
I would like to propose that CCPainter be adopted into the standard
Croquet image as a replacement for TPainter.

I prefer CCPainter to TPainter for a few reasons:
1. It is a simpler and more friendly GUI,
2. It is entirely Tweak-based and not a kludge of Morphic and Tweak,
3. It does not have lots of non-functional GUI elements left over from
its heritage,
4. It provides additional functions with straightforward access,
specifically creating a billboard object (which has been
disabled/omitted in TPainter) and creating a heightmap-based terrain
block (with a bit of additional code on the island side of things),
5. It was quite simple to make, based on the Tweak CPainter and the 3D
"plump" code that are already present in Croquet, and
6. I have some minor pride in creating it, although obviously most of
the code was already there.

You will want to look at this link, if you haven't already seen it.
It is a Flash demo about CCPainter.


To try CCPainter, merge the dafHacks-CCPainter-daf.20.mcz package from
the PublicContribs repository on CroquetSource.  In order to hook this
into the Tweak menus in the SimpleDemo (Master) for example, use the
class browser in category MenuUI-Tweak class CroquetMenuProject method
menuBarToolsMenu, and add (or replace the TPainter entry with) this

menu add: 'CCPainter' target: self action: #actionCCPainter disabled: false.

I posted a small fix to the PublicContribs repository which properly
positions a new billboard object in front of the avatar, which I
noticed never got picked up by anybody else's changes.  It is
HedgeHacks-BFD-daf.35.mcz and it can just be Monticello-merged in too.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.