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Marcus Denker-2
----- Forwarded message from Martin Schulze <[hidden email]> -----

To: [hidden email]
Subject: [LT Infomail#2] Accounts, Descriptions, Booth Size - Squeak
From: Martin Schulze <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue,  7 May 2002 15:51:27 +0200 (CEST)

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Accounts for all Admins

  After I sent this mail, I will create an account with a randomized
  password within the maintenance software for all people who I have
  marked as admin for a project.  You may change your password inside
  of the system.  Everybody who has an email address and is a member
  of a project may have an account.  Please ask your main organizer
  for it.  You are able to view other projects as well, but can't
  alter their data - hopefully.

  In that system you may alter your personal settings and share
  information about your plans for LinuxTag (denoted as ``Comments'').
  The project admin may also alter general information about the

2. URGENT Request for Project Descriptions

  I'm quite pissed!  Only three projects sent me a description of the
  project yet.  Since I need to create a list of projects, with
  descriptions, with URLs and with logos on Wednesday, this is an
  URGENT request to alter the project information so I can provide
  proper information to the editors of the exhibition journal.  Please
  submit about 400 characters per description, if you haven't already.
  If possible, write in German.

  Projects which don't have a proper description by Wednesday evening
  will be marked as dead and will have to add good reasons why they
  were unable to fulfil such a simple task but believe they could run
  a booth.  I'm sorry to be rude here, but you are leaving me alone
  here.  I don't need that.  I'd rather spend my precious time with
  the projects who work as hard and are helpful with the information I
  require for management.

3. Posters

  We need your help with regard to advertising.

  This mainly affects those of you who are from Germany or other
  European countries.  In order to make LinuxTag a successful event we
  need visitors as well.  If you know some places where you would like
  to place LinuxTag posters (A0 size) and Flyers (DIN lon or
  something), please drop me your physical address and the number of
  posters and flyers you need, and I'll get them mailed to you.
  Public places, libraries, book stores, universities etc. would be

  I'm offering a bonus to everybody who distributes five posters or
  more: Get a Goodie-package from me at LinuxTag (will consist of
  pins, cds, a poster for 2002 and 2003 and maybe more).

Best regards,


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Marcus Denker [hidden email]  -- Squeak! http://squeakland.org