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not just skybox dark

Paul Sheldon-2
On mac, used spotlight in textures to find files with skybox in their name. Only ones with ROV in them were cobalt blue, but ground textures were dark when I removed ROV files to see a bright skeleton sky.

Perhaps a bright sky and bright ground texture might solve for ease of use, but the cocrits of ambient lighting and spot lights are coding ideas I don't think you can add from menu. Lighting control might give users too many options which would run most off.

Ok, what if another sky by the name ROV ?

I copied the JUL skyboxes to a temp folder and put ROV in their names for a bright sky with clouds.

So, a release comes out and surface code doesn't show initials of guy who gets to paint everything too dark or too bright.

Now, what class reads in ground texture?

Ah no initials to crack, makeTerrain uses sand.jpg, a file in textures. Bright bad bet as a change fix, might be need non cobalt lighting . Bummer.

Changing file names in textures can sometimes let code look for brighter things. Code correspondence to filename not guaranteed to naive superficial analysis. Lighting is another degree of freedom other than textures that one must choose whether to control. Lighting can involve complex physics and controls.

Letting it go for a bit.