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Hi Mariano--

> Hi Craig. As you know, I am interested in Spoon. I've sent you a
> couple of emails about the visualizations (very cool BTW!).


> Now, I wanted to ask me something more related to what I am doing
> now. How did you trace all used objects ? did you use #dnu and
> populate kind of miniimage ?

     No, I modified the garbage collector to avoid marking methods which
haven't been run since a chosen point in time. To make a minimal image,
I take a full image, kill unwanted processes remotely, clear all method
activation marks, run a few things I know I'll want (mostly support for
remote messaging), then make a snapshot. The garbage collector runs,
removing unrun methods, causing a chain reaction of unused object
removal, via the freeing of unused method literals. What used to take
days (shrinking manually with a remote system browser) now takes a
couple of seconds.

     I first reported this in February 2006; see [1].

> Finally, which is the license of Spoon? can we see the code?

     I use the MIT license. The current release is at [2], but I've been
too busy to make a release for a while.

> Thanks in advance and best regards...

     Greetings from my new apartment in Amsterdam!



Craig Latta
+ 31 020 894 6247
+  1 415 287 3547

Craig Latta
+ 31 020 894 6247
+  1 415 287 3547

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