[squeak-dev] [ANN] OSProcess 4.3.7 and CommandShell 4.3 on SqueakMap

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[squeak-dev] [ANN] OSProcess 4.3.7 and CommandShell 4.3 on SqueakMap

David T. Lewis
These updates are now released on SqueakMap and Universes, and include
the latest updates to OSProcess and CommandShell from SqueakSource.

For OSProcess:

- At system shutdown, break dependency between ThisOSProcess and the
OSProcessAccessor. This is done explicitly at shutdown in order to prevent possible
problems when an image is restarted on another platform type, in which case a new
ThisOSProcess instance is created and the old instance could still have
an unwanted dependency on an OSProcessAccessor (bug found by Andreas Raab).

- Add WindowsProcess>>waitForCommand: (implementation by Keith Hodges).

For CommandShell:

- Fix improper handling of executable path resolution for executables not in current
PATH list, and remove incorrect permission to execute a file in current (or Squeak
default) working directory if not explicitly in the unix PATH. If an executable
file is not found in the PATH, an ExpressionEvaluator is created instead of a
PipeableOSProcess, such that the ExpressionEvaluator writes a suitable error message
to stderr of the command shell and presents an error exit status. This fixes
a problem that was exposed on OS X (thanks to Scott Wallace).

- Fix initialization bug when OSProcess is not present in the image.

- Eliminate unnecessary WeakArray extension.

- Update unit tests for OS X.


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